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actually, bootstrap 4 is brilliant in that you can pick only stuff you want, that is you can ignore JS components. And Sass is like must have, it makes bootstrap so much easy to adjust.

I can understand that this is about heavy all-purpose solutions vs small fitting tool; but bootstrap 4 is both.

And just to nit-pick: the need to use a very specific Jquery version sounds terrible. That means the library isn't a good option, though sometimes one has to go with what there is... but it's not like this situation is any valid argument to ignore bootstrap.


I'm sorry, but I am reviewing posts tonight and what always concerned me about this post was you did not understand - I COULD NOT choose my jQuery version. It was imposed by our bank (3rd party) who is also our payment processor.

When that version of jQuery caused a problem, I had to search for other front end solutions. This is why I made this post: to offer possible solutions that were less tied to jQuery. So that devs might suffer less.

I know there have been improvements, but at the time of this post, it was the best way I could "cheat" my way to make something (like jQuery) and complete my work despite my restrictions. I wanted to offer options to others.

That being said, I still love me some Bulma, 3rd parties come at me!

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