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24 Days of #JavaScriptmas

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After feeling a little stuck and like I was hitting a plateau in my coding journey, I was looking for something fun, exciting and challenging to help get me back on track. 24 days of #JavaScriptmas did just that! Super glad I came across this Scrimba challenge. A great way to end a very odd 2020!

The coding journey can be difficult at times, but it's all the more rewarding. Stick with it and have fun. Happy coding and Merry JavaScriptmas, everyone!

Here are my solutions:

Day 1: Candies
Day 2: Deposit Profit
Day 3: Chunky Monkey
Day 4: Century from Year
Day 5: Reverse a String
Day 6: Sort by Length
Day 7: Count Vowel Consonant
Day 8: The Rolling Dice
Day 9: Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Day 10: Adjacent Elements Product
Day 11: Avoid Obstacles
Day 12: Valid Time
Day 13: Extract Each Kth
Day 14: Maximal Adjacent Difference
Day 15: Carousel
Day 16: Insert Dashes
Day 17: Different Symbols Naive
Day 18: Array Previous Less
Day 19: Alphabet Subsequence
Day 20: Domain Type
Day 21: Sum of Two
Day 22: Extract Matrix Column
Day 23: Social Media Input
Day 24: Test Your Agility

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bookercodes profile image
Alex Booker

Ha, did you make that graphic 😂?

From the team at Scrimba and I, great work and merry #JavaScriptmas!

cbanlawi profile image

Haha, I wish I could take credit for it! Thank you - happy holidays! 😄