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Discussion on: Don’t say negative things in an interview

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Cécile Lebleu

I agree with your point of view, BUT I think it depends a lot on the person receiving the advice.

I tend to be very shy in unknown situations or with strangers, and not showing my personality enough has closed off a lot from me — from jobs to friendships to business opportunities. I usually can’t speak with people, but I’m great at communicating through writing. I’m a great person to hang out and work with once I get to know you and can actually express....anything.

It’s great to respect and not overly criticize other people, especially those who might hire you, but for me, I think I actually need the opposite advice: “do have an opinion, do say what you think, definitely do let your personality show”. If I hide myself any more than I already do (because social anxiety is a thing), I probably would just become a mummy being carried around on wheels through the interview.
Your opinion is great if you’re talking to someone who is extrovert or tends to say too much. For me, it will probably just close more doors than it opens! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on this side of the spectrum.

Side note; If I prep enough, I can do just fine in meetings, interviews, calls, etc. But for something impromptu? There’s a 5% chance I will go on automatic mode and shine through, but otherwise I will probably just stay silent, and then regret it for the rest of the month.

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y Author

There's nothing wrong with positive opinion. I'd much prefer somebody express themself by saying, "I love coding in Python" rather than saying "I hate programming in C++".

Surely you have an endless amount of positive things to say about the projects you've worked on, the things you like, and the people you've worked with.

Having a positive opinion of something doesn't diminish the value of anything else. It also tells me something useful about you, something I can work with.

Ask yourself, would you prefer to work with an overlay negative, or an overly positive person? How much more would the negative person have to bring to the position to make it worth it to deal with their attitude?