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Swift UI looks like a game changer!


Did they take a page out of Flutter's book? Seems cool though!


Although React's approach was to bind HTML/CSS/JS into one JS file. You still need to learn Tags, elements,styles, etc.

While Flutter's approach was to code in one language, no context switching and made a guide for Declarative UI where UI = (state) since Flutter was inspired by react.


I wouldn't really say game changer, windows devs have had similar features for years within visual studio but to generate xaml code not csharp and to update visual properties for different controls.
I'd say if SwiftUI gets something like visual studio blend (or not sure if that exists already, not an apple developer), then it can be a game changer with designers giving you almost ready working code


As an iOS Dev, Swift UI and Combine are really exciting changes and will change the way we architect apps. Just a shame it’s only iOS13 for now (no backward compatibility).

Swift UI also makes iOS development much more approachable for new developers which can only be a good thing :)


Many companies had XML based declarative UI frameworks, they all failed.

When I look at React, which didn't fail, I think the problem was going XML first and not the declarative part. React and SwiftUI seem to went in the right direction here.

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