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Discussion on: Your Twilio Hackathon Updates!

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Cesar Mostacero

I think sounds good.

One update/adjustment that could work could be instead of "people who like to help" be replaced by same people that needs help, but in the following way:

  • Assuming that you're planning to buy some things on the store (this will act as "people who wants to help"), let's say for tonight; you post the info to the bot, for example: "will go to store ABC at 9 PM". This information will be stored: source location (could be extracted from the sender), target location (store) and store/place name.
  • Someone else, would need to buy something (not needed to be from an specific store/place) and could post or send a message to the bot, something like: "I need to buy [something] for today". From here, the information that could be extracted would be source location (from the sender) and the item that she/he needs.
  • The backend process would match: given the route for the people that are planning to go somewhere with the people that is near to this route and needs something (above bullet).

I don't doubt that there are many people that really wants to help each other, but I think there could be more people that actually are planning to go somewhere and I think they could take that route to help others.

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Waldemar Penner

That's a good idea! I think both of our ideas could coexist in the app