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Thanks for sharing, an interesting read.

In picolisp it would be expressed somewhat differently, perhaps similar to this:

(class +Contact +Entity)
(rel account_id (+Ref +Number))
(rel birthday (+Ref +Date))
(rel company (+Sn +IdxFold +String))
(rel emails (+List +Joint) contacts (+Emails))

(class +Emails +Entity)
(rel email (+String))
(rel type (+String))
(rel contacts (+List +Joint) emails (+Contact))

Usually an abstract class would be used instead of +Entity, like +contact and then have +Customer, +Supplier, +CustomerSupport, +ExecutiveOfficer and so on inherit from this more general abstraction. Switching class at runtime is trivial in picolisp, and they could also have abstract parents like +contactavailabletoall, +contactavailableonlytosome or something else entirely.

Typically 'email and 'type in '+Emails would have some index prefix class too, to make them independently indexed and available to search algorithms, not just reachable through the +Contact objects.

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