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Discussion on: What was your first computer?

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Károly Balogh

I first met the lesser known Commodore 264 series (C16 and Plus/4) in school (around '88, these were used as school computers in Hungary, where I'm from) and wrote simple BASIC programs for them, before getting a Commodore 64 at home a couple of years later, with a lone tape deck (a.k.a. the Datasette). Then my first PC was a 386sx, 40Mhz, 2MB RAM and 40MB HDD around '94, which was quite a low-end box by then, but hey. It was still good enough to extend my programming knowledge into assembler, and a bunch of other languages.

Then many years later, I ended up as a retrocomputer person, so I have piles of old/retro hardware around these days, Amigas, Ataris, all sorts of C= 8bit machines and expansions. But sadly, I don't have my first computers any more, those got sold to buy expansions for the PCs which followed that 386sx.

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Paul Grossman

I'm still getting paid to write code in BASIC - vbScript. Loved my Amiga.