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🎉🎉 My One Year Experience as a YouTube {Coding} Content Creator

It has been about one year since I uploaded my first video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

It has been quite an experience and I just want to share with you my YouTube journey which might be supper helpful to any aspiring YouTube content creator. My funs might also wanna see this 😃

Check out my channel here


Let me start by sharing my current YouTube channel stats:

2.18k subs
45 videos upload
50k+ total video views
91.1% average likes 👍
8.9% average dislikes 👎
1,360 public watch hours
$0.00 revenue earned

I might talk more about the stats as we explore other areas.

The Pros

Now that you know the stats, what are some of the pros I have experienced by having a YouTube channel?

  • I get to help others. This is one of the main reasons I started my channel. To educate and mentor others in the field to fulfill their potential and deepen my knowledge. Even if I help at least one person, it's still a plus.
  • It deepens my knowledge. For me to educate, I have to understand first. It's not just about educating, but educating in a simple way for others to understand. Trying to simplify difficult concepts makes me do more research and learn in the process.
  • Staying connected with other devs. I get numerous engagements from comments and emails. I get to know what others are doing and focusing on. I do code reviews and answer questions that some are struggling with. This helps me to stay connected and have a feeling of belonging.
  • More opportunities come my way. I receive emails (not many but it's a good start) about job opportunities, collaborations and sponsorship. This is cool right? 😉
  • I have gained extra skills. You might think that the video creation process is easy but it is not. You need to have extra skills to spice things up. Focus is a key (talking while coding). English is not my first language and I have to improve on my communication skills each time I'm working on a new video. Video editing is needed to cut out long pauses. Design skills (video thumbnails need to be clickable) and much more.

The Cons

Enough of the pros, what are the cons?

  • Creating for free. YouTube reward creators through ad revenue. This was another reason why I started my channel. When starting out, there are requirements you need to meet for you to start earning from ads. You need to have gained at least 1k subs and 4,000 public watch hours. You have to create for free till you meet these requirements. It's not a bad thing though if your focus is to learn and help others. Just focus on the quality of the content and you will finally get there.
  • You can not please everyone. It doesn't matter how hard I work to bring a cool tutorial on the platform. I will still receive some dislikes and mean comments. Just focus on the positive and constructive critics.
  • Frustration. When starting out, you will get a few video views or even zero. You will come back after a few hours and see that your own views are the ones adding up ++own. But it gets better.
  • Lack of video production equipment. Most of the time you won't have a fancy camera, mic, computer or whatever you need to produce a video when starting. I still record the audio with my phone. Donate a mic here. The bottom line is, use what you have and you will upgrade with time.


I have already mentioned some of the struggles at the cons, but the main once are:

  • Video production process is not easy. Trust me, hearing yourself talking will be awkward. It took me hours before uploading my first 20 mins video. I recorded it multiple times and repeated again and again. But it gets better with time.
  • Frustration. Luck of views and subs might make you quit. Don't start creating for the wrong reasons. Focus on the content and create good thumbnails. Helping at least one person is a plus. Not helping anyone? You will still learn something in the process.

Getting your content out there

The following are some of the platforms I use to share my content:

  • DEV. This very platform that you are reading this article is a good place to start. Just follow the community rules and you will be fine.
  • Subreddits. Join relevant subreddits. Share your content there and help others by answering questions or providing constructive criticism.
  • Facebook groups. Join relevant Facebook groups and become part of the community.

These three have worked for me. There are many other ways you can try out.

Disclaimer: Spamming will get you banned/blocked/ignored. Be mature and wise. Follow the rules, only share relevant and helpful content.


Let me mention the software that I use for video production before winding up. All are free.

  • Screen recording. I find myself alternating between OBS and Free Cam 8
  • Video Editing. Here I use Shotcut. You can try DaVinci Resolve
  • Thumbnail Design. I prefer Inkscape.

Support my content

  • Subscribe to my channel and watch my content here
  • Donate to my PayPal here

Take Away

  • If you want to start something, just start. At first it will be awkward or hard but it gets better with time.
  • You don't need a fancy camera or laptop to start a YouTube Channel.
  • Don't create for the wrong reasons. Focus on providing value and the rest will follow.
  • Don't spam social platforms with your content. People can smell spam from a distant. You will be ignored.

Did I tell you to follow me on twitter? 🙃 Click here

I'm not much of a writer but I think I really tried on this one. Leave a like

Remember to stay awesome always 💙

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nbull92 profile image

Congratulations Chaoo. Those are some fantastic numbers and very inspirational, especially as you've stated, you're making it all for free due to YouTube's new policies. With luck though you'll gain popularity with the quality you put out there.

chaoocharles profile image
Chaoo Charles

Thank you so much

neatcoder profile image
Neat Coder

Your article was SO INSPIRATIONAL Chaoo!!!
Loved it!!
And your YT content is great!!!

chaoocharles profile image
Chaoo Charles

Thank you so much

omborisymons profile image
Ombori Symons©

Also consider doing livestreams. I love your content

chaoocharles profile image
Chaoo Charles

Thanks, I'll consider that

omborisymons profile image
Ombori Symons©

Well the starts before I even finish reading. Please look for a way to engage audience. 50,000 views should be enough to give you more than 4000 watch hours

dansimiyu profile image

Really inspiring Chaoo. Am a big fan of yours.

chaoocharles profile image
Chaoo Charles

That's amazing, thanks 😊