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Hello everyone, I'm Charlotte, I'm currently doing a 6-months bootcamp to become a web dev! I ended up here because I want to learn more and read more about tech news, languages such as PHP, JS, Ruby, etc. By the way, I'm looking for a traineeship in Amsterdam to start in December! My favourite non-coding hobby is probably music (not playing, more gigs and listening)! Cheers!

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Jens Martsch

Hi Charlotte :)

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Damien Cupif

Hey Charlotte, welcome to, I am also new joining the community :) I hope your dreams will come true in finding your internship in Amsterdam! I love listening music too, what is your favorite? Cheers and good luck learning!

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Tom Hazledine

Hi Charlotte. I think there's a strong correlation between having an appreciation of music and being interested in code. My degrees were in music, and now I'm a developer. I used to think I'd had an unusual journey, but I keep meeting people who've come into the industry the same way!

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Steven Torrence

Fellow musician recently turned developer here!

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These may be spam, but can't avoid replying on your comment, I was a musician for 15 years, leave it couple years ago to start software development, glad to hear that there are more people like me. People always seems to be shocked about my career change.


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Rachel Morrell


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Hello Charlotte.

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You are so pretty ! ❤️

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Sloan • Edited

Joining the community just to leave unwelcomed advances is considered harassment and absolutely not aligned with our code of conduct.

This is the only warning you’ll get on the subject. You must be a constructive community member in order to take part.

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Dovy Paukstys

Musicians make the best devs. I’ve seen it again and again.

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Ger Breen

Best of luck Charlotte, new here as discovering new music. Lucky bones band song matchstick men is one I came across recently. Check it out and enjoy if you get the chance.
Good luck with it all.

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Hello Charlotte I too am doing a 6-month FullStack developer bootcamp here at Columbia University , the stack we are learning is MERN which is MongoDB Express React Node

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Ankit Kumar

Hello Charlotte. Nice to know something about you. Cheers!!!

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Rebecca Townsend

Hey Charlotte! So awesome that you're doing a bootcamp - I did one last year, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I wish you all the best in your coding!!