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Krishna Dhakal
Krishna Dhakal

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Random Number Generation in JS

Here we will be generating the random number of 9 digits using JS.

function getRandom(length) {

return Math.floor(Math.pow(10, length-1) + Math.random() * 9 * Math.pow(10, length-1));

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Very cool approach! I noticed that you disallowed leading zeros, and I think that's a good choice because the function returns a number, not a string, and leading zeros would be ignored anyway. The only time I think a zero might be expected as the first digit would be when calling getRandom(1). You might expect 0 to be a possible result then, but it's not currently.

Love the function; very creative.

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Krishna Dhakal

Hello friends its my first blog in this platform. I was trying to go with netlify for static site generation but I thought dev community is benificial for me to learn and communicate with fellow dev friends.

b0yblake profile image

Yes, well come you! You can let the func more useful by adding the condition to passing the autotest.