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Top 7 soft skills that make you a Great Developer

To be a great developer you don't need just knowing how to code , and hard tech skills, but also you must have a good soft skills ,so I share with you a list of 7 soft skills that will help you in your work.

1 - Problem-solving: you need to have the ability to know the reason that caused the probleme , then searching on solution and fix it .

2 -Communication: is most important skill for any developer, becuase you need to speak with your colleagues, managers, customers , and also in meeting , for that you need to speak clearly with confidence ,therefor spend mush time listening to others persones and don’t interrupt while somebody is talking,adding to this you need to be patient and focused.

3 - Time management: before start your work should to write your to- do-list and set the the priority goals and period time of any task ,moreover take a balance between a work and personal live.

4 - Creativity: to be a creative developer you need to try and discover
different things you never do it before ,such as writing, art, crafts, cooking,and also practice a lot .

5 - Patience: you need to be able to keep calm When your code isn’t working and you can’t figure it out, Or when a code review is taking a long time, and also when you start to learn something new .

6 - Teamwork: as a developer, you will work with a wide variety of teams and people for that you need to have a good social skills and communication ,rather than a good speaker and listener.

7 - Help other: helping your colleagues and customers is the most thing that make you building a good reputation and relationship in your work .

Do you have other soft skills ? share it with us.

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Sarah Qym

I would also add persistence to this, which I think goes hand-in-hand with patience. It can be challenging when your code isn't working sometimes and you might feel like giving up or feel hopeless. So being persistent and pushing through is an important skill to have as a developer :)

chemlali_assia profile image

You are right ,persistence it's important skill for developers.

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Henry Ramirez