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Great episode, thanks. You mentioned keeping lines of communication open with remote workers via slack. Have you tried any other tools for that as well? Or do you find that slack works pretty well for that?


I wish Discord was looked at more professionally.


If they made a discord variant that was for business (literally just call it Discord Business) then it would be taken seriously for sure.


The one annoying problem I have with Discord is that it used a ton of my CPU and made makes my fan spin like crazy for some reason.

I know people complain about that with Slack - but Slack seems to work OK on my machine... idk if it's just my machine though, or if it does that for everyone 🤷‍♂️


I haven't tried anything other than Slack, but I'm sure there are alternatives! It's worked great for us. Using video chatting tools such as Zoom are also helpful for some face-to-face communication.

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