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Hello! Welcome to DEV :)

How do you like working remotely? What are the biggest 2 or 3 challenge with it?


Well, right now I am working with on US Client remotely. We have one decided timeframe at which we daily meet and share the progress and tasks in the meeting.

We use screenshotmonitor tracker to track my work and hours spent on GSuite for our professional communication needs.

Challenges of working remotely are that you have to create your own working habits and time schedules as per the country you are working for.

Also, I need to complete the provided task on or before the deadline none the less there is any reason like technical or any delay from client-side then its okay.

Rest is not much challenging to work remotely all homely environment and work at your own schedule does provide more freedom and flexibility over your lifestyle.

Those are good insights, thanks! ... yes, timezones can definitely be a challenge :) And I've also felt the challenge of making your own work habits at home. Sounds like you're doing well though!

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