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Discussion on: Builtin Solidity Language Server

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Christian Parpart Author

Hey Carlos, I have not provided a builtin binary for Mac just yet (I was actually just answering the very same question in our official github ticket lol). I will provide one in a next VScode extension release as the interest seems to exist.

What you can do right now however would be to build solidity from source yourself (using the lsp branch) and configure the VScode solidity extension to use the solc binary you manually compiled.

-- On the other hand, if you are not used to that manual work, I'd favor to spare you from that and would kindly ask you to just wait a bit longer. Check the above posted URL to the github issue, track it. and I'll release a new version soon. :)

p.s.: can't state often enough. It's still beta (i.e. not feature complete), so please bare with me :)

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