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Worked with CakePHP for the last 10 years and initially planned to switch to Symfony, but got interested in node and now commited to SailsJS and Node (really loving it so far, even though the switch has been harder than initially thought).

I wrote the Facebook and Google Login (with Passport) tutorial as I struggled to understand how passport integrates with sailsjs and in general (the middleware part was new to me as well). I wrote the passportcontroller in action1 instead of action 2 as I like having it in one file instead spread out over more.

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Robertino Vasilescu

Well, I am not that lucky, will have to dig in deeper into Symfony as the main eCommerce platform my LAMP clients are using is Prestashop which current version is half (100% planned for the future) based on Symfony.
But I find the node environment more refreshing.
I also like sails though I see some shortcomings with the parasails wraapper when trying to integrate third-party Vue
multi components packages. This is why I did the current project's frontend with parasails but for the backend I switched to plain Vue as a separate application.