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Discussion on: How do you think of angularjs application

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Casey Brooks

AngularJS was revolutionary when it first came out, but if you want to be in the Angularverse, I would strongly encourage you to continue with the latest Angular versions. AngularJS is deprecated, which means eventually you will have to replace it, so you will be doing youself no favors in the long-term by starting new projects in AngularJS.

If you are considering AngularJS over Angular 2+ because you prefer its syntax, you should check out VueJS instead. It looks and works a lot like AngularJS, but is actively maintained, and quite frankly feels a lot less magical and more tangible, more like you can actually understand what it's doing. Not only that, but Vue has a great community around it, and it's currently the most highly-starred project on Github, even beating React.

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100% agree on VueJS being the new AngularJS. When I first started using Vue I thought 'Wow, this is reminds me of all the things I loved about AngularJs but without the parts that I hated". And for any small/short-lived/personal project I think it's a perfect fit, which I think is partly why it has so many ⭐s. But if you're building anything large/long-lived/enterprise I'm not sure its the best fit, as it doesn't have the maturity of Angular or React. Though I'm likely biased as a typescript user, since Vue's TS support tends to break on TS updates.

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I've used angular and vue, I love vue so much more. It's much easier to understand imo.