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Tips to reproduce/fix bugs form software developers

Tips to reproduce/fix bugs form software developers
We all know how hard it may be to google an error, some error tend to last too long due to not knowing how to search or find solutions for the error
here are a few tips

1. Use the meaningful text from the error

When you are going to search for an error on google try to pick only meaningful text from the error, and avoid timestamps, line numbers, name of files, or other stuff which maybe not that useful to the browser

2. Include names of the technology

While googling try to include names of the technologies like if you are using javascript, try to tag it in a search query, or if you are using a framework tag it

3. Small search query 

Also, remember to minimize the search query as small text as possible but remember to keep it meaning full, keep in mind that the small text or phrase you write the more result you get on google so this can boost your search to more resources

4. First look at GitHub issues / StackOverflow posts

The reason why you need to first look at this platforms are, GitHub mostly have the solution of errors as they might have been reported early on the project so here you get a taste of solutions or alternative from the owners of the project, while StackOverflow is the world of words programmers problems

5. Be patient

googling errors does not mean that you have to always find a solution as you get your first search, No, sometimes you don't find a solution at the beginning and what you have to do is keep searching on other platforms not mandatory only Github or StackOverflow, give a try other platform and you may find it

6. Look around the community

at this step now look around your friends or elders who you may trust that they know something about the technology you are using,
they help you in one way or other so that your problem may be fixed

7. Refresh your mind and take a rest

programmers use their brain and butt than other things so they might be the time you are tired or anything else, first do something to refresh your mind or sleep like 1 hour then you will come back with good thinking than before

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