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Salesforce is definitely one of the most sought after places in 2015 as it is among the fastest-growing software companies. Salesforce CRM is all the rage these days as all companies are looking for technologies to attract customers and provide them with satisfying services to improve their sales. These companies appoint a Salesforce consultant to manage their projects and help them increase their profits. And with stiff market competition and the need to make a name for yourself quickly, it's become essential for all companies to sign contracts with experienced Salesforce consultants.

When it comes to a career in Salesforce customer relationship management, there is no limit to how far you can go. If you're also looking for a well-paying job at Salesforce, you need to understand all the elements of the responsibilities required for the job.

Salesforce Administrator: -

This position is responsible for managing project management. The person has to make innovative decisions and make certain changes necessary for the company to achieve its objectives. He / She will be responsible for adding new users, delegating permissions, sharing and restricting access, and managing accounts, as well as many other things.

Salesforce Developer: -

Another well-paid position in Salesforce where the person would need to develop the functionality in a limited environment by developing Salesforce activators and creating applications using the functionality of the Salesforce platform. You need to control APIs, design new solutions, and develop better plans to execute those solutions.

Roles of a Salesforce admin: -

-> The responsibilities of a Salesforce administrator are declarative.
-> User maintenance: help to add users, manage existing accounts, identify permissions in profiles, and enable access to data.
-> Reports and Dashboards: Based on Salesforce data or information, they help create reports and dashboards for standardization.
-> User Training: Salesforce administrators train and educate new and new Salesforce users. They help provide ongoing support to colleagues, Salesforce developers, and customers.
-> Workflows: they manage and regulate workflows to ensure the proper execution of projects.

Roles of a Salesforce developer:-

-> On the other hand, Salesforce developers participate in the development of specific Salesforce applications. These are some of his tasks.
-> Salesforce developers use specific coding technologies like Apex and Visualforce to develop Salesforce functionality.
-> They deal with web services and Force.com for the design of new solutions and services.
-> Salesforce developers also participate in testing methodologies to enable quality deliveries for end users.
-> Participate in the design of Salesforce triggers and in the development of Visualforce pages according to customer needs.

For more information about the salesforce developer and what type of work a salesforce developer contact us.

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