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Good tips.
One I think it´s super important too is.

  1. Have a proper work environment

Before taking any client work ensure that your work environment is fully equiped with good internet, great computer, proper mic and webcam and devices for testing (if you are a mobile dev) and proper communication, project and time management tools.

Also look for a quiet place. If you work from home maybe the people you live with will ask you for chores and other house related tasks while you are working.

If it´s difficult to separate work and house tasks it´s better that you work somewhere else. Like a library, coffee shops or a dedicated office (co-working or small office). This will also help mitigating the psicological issues that emerges when working in the same room you sleep in.


Usually, companies that have a good remote culture in action, help the employee with hardware, internet, accessories etc, to create a good equipped place to work. If is not the case, take some money to invest in a good computer, monitor, keyboard, chair and a better internet is a must to have.


The separation of "where you live" and "where you work", I think, should be pretty high-up in the considerations for remote-work. When you get distracted, you can't focus, when you can't focus, you won't finish; and there goes your word-of -mouth marketing.

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