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Discussion on: ADHD in the workplace — 3 ways you can help devs

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Remote work in a proper environment tailored to your needs is the best :)

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leob • Edited on

I have to agree, the times when being in an office made me more productive than I would have been working at home/remote are few and far between.

I remember just one company where working on-site had that much added value, which wouldn't have been the case working remote.

The situation there was, I was doing a lot of work for another department. So, I'd just walk into their room, start chatting, and have all kinds of great discussions and ideas - then walked back to my department, and immediately started implementing it and rolling it out in no time - and bada bing bada boom, another great feature added to the system!

But how often does that ideal and incredibly cool situation occur? Not very often I can tell you, I moved to another company expecting to replicate this, and well, nothing, nada. Could just as well have done all of the work remote, because on site the communication simply did not happen.

It's all about company culture, but 95% of the time I'm all for "remote" - the main reason companies want you in the office is well, to make the managers feel better ;)