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Discussion on: The Case for Low Code

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Catherine Mohan

I am a dev who happily builds many Power Apps and Power Automate Flows. It's a great tool for working within the Microsoft ecosystem and sometimes even outside it. Pairing them together let's you do even more. Add a little SharePoint for data storage and you have a great little tool that doesn't have any extra costs besides the Microsoft license you already have. Flow wraps up a lot of the Microsoft Graph API in easy-to-use blocks, which makes my job faster and lets people who don't know how to use APIs take advantage of them. I will wholeheartedly recommend either one of them.

They do have a learning curve, but really so does every tool ever. The only thing that it's not very good at is processing very large amounts of data. That'll break it. That's when I break out Powershell or C#. Other than that, I've had much success implementing Power Apps and Power Automate processes in my projects.