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Discussion on: The Case for Low Code

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Well written and explained. I think people have been trying to do this forever, they just change the name of it. :P Where I work they are trying to pitch Microsoft Power Platform for low code, but us devs would rather not go down that road really...

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I'm currently sucked into finishing off a power app and let me tell you, power apps in their current state have no place being used for apps larger the a couple of pages and a handful of simple functions. The main problem with them is there's no transparency on how the logic works and the code you do have to write is done on specific element properties (on select, text, opacity) making it even harder to see where something happened. Not to mention the code is written in an excel style box.

And sure they can pitch them as a way for non devs to build apps but they're too complicated/convoluted to build anything particularly useful. For devs it would be faster to build a quick web app with a framework like nuxt/next.

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Catherine Mohan

I am a dev who happily builds many Power Apps and Power Automate Flows. It's a great tool for working within the Microsoft ecosystem and sometimes even outside it. Pairing them together let's you do even more. Add a little SharePoint for data storage and you have a great little tool that doesn't have any extra costs besides the Microsoft license you already have. Flow wraps up a lot of the Microsoft Graph API in easy-to-use blocks, which makes my job faster and lets people who don't know how to use APIs take advantage of them. I will wholeheartedly recommend either one of them.

They do have a learning curve, but really so does every tool ever. The only thing that it's not very good at is processing very large amounts of data. That'll break it. That's when I break out Powershell or C#. Other than that, I've had much success implementing Power Apps and Power Automate processes in my projects.