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Discussion on: How do YouTubers teach multiple programming Languages and Different Frameworks (3-6) languages

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Cobus Kruger

I've been a working programmer for twenty years now, and in that time the languages and frameworks I have used have changed again and again. And again.

What I've found is that no language or framework is completely unique.
The more languages and frameworks you learn, the more you'll recognise the concepts and principles elsewhere.

It's also true that you only develop deep and broad knowledge of a language or framework when you work with it extensively, but you don't need that for a YouTube course. If you want to do, say, a React course, you need to spend time learning that. You can even limit your studies to the concepts that you want to cover and then move on.

I'm not saying these courses are not valuable. Even having the content structured in a way that makes sense to you is useful, and surely most of them have covered at least one thing they know really well, but that is by no means a requirement.