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A while ago I had a YT channel. It was 🆗. Nothing special.

I just got sick of all of the YT bull💩 - the massive ads, the tons of idiotic distracting videos and click bait and, as an 'admin,' the UI for uploading and organizing was absolutely horrible 🤮.

It was a real waste of mental energy 😫!

So, I'm going to revamp my 'video career' (and I use the term 'loosely') here.

I've been teaching JS for a few years now - mostly in-person in college courses and at 👢 camps. Any, maybe, just maybe, a few of the ways that I present things might appeal to you.

One of the reasons I'm making videos for dev.to (and I wish that more of our dev friends would abandon YT in favor of this platform) is because it's lower pressure.

I don't need to have a ton of 'fancy effects' in my videos or care too much about clickbait stuff, etc.

In fact, my videos will have a minimal amount of editing.

If you do watch and enjoy it, let me and/or others know. I want to make this a 10-20 video series, but will be more likely to do so if I get a bit of positive feedback.

The purpose will be to get JS beginners prepped to approach React with more confidence 🦸🏽‍♂️.

Generally, I'll cater the delivery to those who have had some experience with JS, but are still quite fuzzy on terminology, etc.

Ask ❓s, and I'll try to respond in the comments and/or make follow-ups.

Thanks for any feedback you have! 🤓

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I'm a full-stack JS developer that has spent the past few years spearheding curriculums and teaching initiatives at the college and bootcamp level.


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