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I have three major facets to my life:

  1. Coding, especially at MousePaw Media, the open source software company I founded. I consider my writing to be an extension of my coding.

  2. Writing and publishing novels. My first book, Finding Scrooge, was released this past December. My next book, a mystery novel, is planned for later this year.

  3. Writing and performing music. I'm a solo pianist, and the frontman of a band with plans to record next year.

Besides all that, I always have a book from the library I'm reading. I enjoy playing chess with friends, volunteering at my church, patio gardening, and using my culinary skills to make dinners from scratch.

I'm really not sure how I keep all those in the air. I just do. They're all important to me, so I find time for each.


Very impressive! I am inspired to hear that you are able to keep all these things going. I also have a book in the works about breaking into tech and hope to get it finished this year. Good luck with your next novel, I'll be sure to check out your work :)

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