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Discussion on: What's Wrong with the Tech Interview Process?

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Nate May

I had one of those all day marathon interviews where they flew me 3000 miles for a single day and they asked me during lunch what I thought of their interview process. I had the guts to tell them that all these coding puzzles shows them very little of what I am capable of and doesn't even translate the the work they want me to do. I didn't do great on two of the puzzles in the afternoon and I didn't get the job. I only really thought of it because my interview for MongoDB (my previous employer) was the exact opposite. One of their managers even wrote a great piece on how to step up your own interview game. I was particularly excited by his idea of putting all your current employees through the interview you plan to give new people. You should expect them all to pass with flying colors.

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Brian Rinaldi Author

That is a really interesting idea. It's an interesting way to validate that you will get the results you expect.