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re: Do you envisage a version of Visual Studio that includes a full version of Edge under the hood, so that you never have to switch windows to see wha...

Interesting question, I am not sure about Visual Studio (but will follow up with that), but for Visual Studio Code, I am actually the PM for an excellent extension that embeds the developer tools inside the editor and gives you a display of the current app in the browser you can interact with. I am a big fan of cutting down on context switching and the cognitive overhead it comes with. The remote capabilities of Chromium are excellent for this kind of task, and I'd love to hear what more you'd expect from a tool like that.
demo of edge developer tools inside VS Code


Visual Studio doesn't yet support displaying Microsoft Edge like the extension Chris shared but this is a great feature request we can work on with the VS team! VS does support launching the browser and automatically navigating to your app so check out our docs for instructions on how to set that up.

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