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Open Web guy at Microsoft and long-time JavaScript user

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Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Checkboxes can be excellent buttons

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3 min read

#amaI am Chris Heilmann, Principal Program Manager for the Microsoft Edge developer tools - AMA!

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3 min read

Progressively Enhancing Radio Groups

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12 min read

Quick solution: getting the mouse position on an element regardless of positioning

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Fun with browsers: how to get an image into the current page

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2 min read

Quick developer tools tip: simulating dark/light colour mode

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2 min read

Contributor performance matters

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3 min read

The seven sins of meetings with remote participants

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Develop, Debug, Learn? Time to re-think our tooling

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17 min read

A tale of a typo - can we talk about making things easier for contributors?

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3 min read

Fun with JavaScript and CSS - random dots

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5 min read

Wanted: disabled developers to help improve tooling accessibilty

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Web development before standards and open browsers

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6 min read

Terseness tension

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4 min read

A simple bookmarklet to tweet the current page

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2 min read

Quick tip: using scrollIntoView() to show added elements to a container with overflow

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Simple edit-in-place by changing the type of an input

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Using CSS Custom attributes generated by JavaScript as a handover mechanism

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4 min read

A worrying change in Open Source perception

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7 min read

Some things you can do to make it easier for people in other time zones to work with you

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