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How to transfer file b/w your computer and android phone using wifi(without internet)

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If you use old method to transfer file from your smartphone to your pc or vice-versa using data-cable then friends you need to stop now. Today we all gonna learn a universal method which work on all OS weather its Linux, Windows or Mac OS.


  1. In any case if we want to transfer file b/w two device or more on a same network then we have to create a server on any one device from which you want to copy/download the data.
  2. Now to enable data transfer b/w android and pc connected to same network, you have to create server on your android phone.
  3. To create server many apps are available like
  4. To transfer file you can choose protocols like http,ftp or ssh. Most commonly used protocol is ftp(File Transfer Protocol) to transfer large file which we will use in this tutorial.
  5. Once the server is setup on android you can access its storage on your device using its ftp address( provided by your ftp client(app) you installed in first step.

Note - To transfer data, android phone and your device should be on same network weather they are connected using router or your mobile hotspot.

TLDR; Lets do it

  1. First install ftp client app Amaze file manager on your andoid phone
    • For iphone you can search for ftp client on google and install anyone you want.
  2. Open your mobile hotspot and connect your laptop or pc to it.
  3. Next open your ftp client app which you have install in first step and tap to create ftp server.
    • On Amaze file manager it looks like this init
  4. Note the ftp address provided on your app.
  5. Open your file Manger in your linux OS or my computer in windows OS,go to network tab and create new network as follows:
    • Connection type: ftp ftp
    • Name: Any name you want
    • User : If not set leave it blank
    • Server address: Your ftp address of phone(
    • Port: 2211(whatever is provided by your ftp app)
    • Password: If not set leave it blank

For reference see below screenshots:

In this way we can access our phone storage on our laptop and share data between them without using any data cable or without installing any third party application on our pc.

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