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Discussion on: Graph Your Metrics with "No Code"

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Mike Vanbuskirk Author

"But all that doesn't change the fact that I am willing to challenge the gist of what you are saying..."

I guess ultimately I'm wondering why you seem so invested in the need to "challenge" me?

I won't pre-suppose your intent, but your writing comes off very much like gatekeeping.

" I am willing to bet that an experienced developer can outperform any no-code solution out there..."

It just smells like the classic FUD response I see in response to no code.

"Well that's not how a real developer would do it".

I fear that puts off people with less experience, who might use these tools and grow into full-on developers later, because they feel like they're not "real" or doing it right.

I just don't see an issue with democratizing approaches like this, even for "experienced" developers.

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Ok, so apparently I phrased that the wrong way: I don't want to challenge you in the sense that I think a no-code approach is "the wrong way" of going about things. I have just personally come to the conclusion that we are not there yet; meaning that these solutions aren't viable options for people who can actually code. At the same time, I realize that this will eventually change.
What I AM challenging is that this approach is a faster, easier or even more interesting approach in a scenario where you could achieve the same outcome in a "code solution".
And I think what you say about enabling more people to do things is completely accurate (not sure if I would call that democratizing, but let's ignore semantics), I am just under the impression that we need to be honest with the current state of technology:

Yes, when you cannot walk, it's amazing what you can achieve with a wheelchair. And I applaud good engineering in that respect. At the same time, I wouldn't state that a wheelchair is comparable to walking on your own feet. But I am fully aware that one day there might be a exoskeleton that will make using your own legs a less powerful solution.