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Responsive Personal Portfolio Website with HTML CSS JS - Part 1

How to create Responsive personal portfolio website with html css js

In this video series,
I will show you how to build a Complete Responsive Personal Portfolio Website using HTML CSS JavaScript.

🌟 Website features

  • 5 pages
  • Fully Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Awesome Page Navigation
  • Filterable item showcase

HI 👋
I'm Sadee (webdev)
In this channel I make videos about Complete Responsive website.
You can checkout my channel 👇

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🔗 Essential links

Images :
Font : Poppins
Ionicon :
How to use ionicon :
Source Code :

⏱️ Timestamp

0:00 - Demo
1:12 - File Structure
1:28 - Initial html setup
2:09 - CSS variables
2:47 - Custom scrollbar
3:15 - Reset and default style
5:15 - Mobile navbar
8:15 - Sidebar
14:15 - Hero
18:15 - Service
21:25 - Testimonials
25:50 - Client
27:52 - Media queries

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Darren Bennett • Edited

This is not a tutorial but a demonstration mixed in with ads and source code hidden behind patreon links. If you make something good and it is helpful, people will find your links to send you money if they want to. you don't need to plaster ads everywhere.

codewithsadee profile image

Hey Darren Bennett!
I appreciate your words 😊
I made the video for Helping other peoples,
I have four more videos left with this project, Which I'm still working on, and the video has full source code. Anyone can watch the video and copy the source code if they want.
I have given the source code in patreon, so that if someone supports me, I can also give them something 😇
I believe you realize what I mean. Thank you! ❤

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This is an ad

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