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Christina Gorton
Christina Gorton

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Getting started with GreenSock

Part 2 of my series on SVG. You can find part 1 here

This is a short introduction to getting started with the JavaScript library GreenSock.

Let me know if it helps and what else you would like to know. :)

Here are some links to the CodePens I used in the video. Check them out and change up the code to change the animations.

Getting started animating with GSAP
SVG worm not animated
SVG worm animated

Note: I am currently working on a course for Design+Code where we create 2 UI and learn how to animate SVG with GreenSock. I am going over several of GreenSock's plugins and giving real-world examples of how you can use GreenSock. Stay tuned to learn a whole lot more.

My course on Design+Code:
SVG Animations with GreenSock

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Graeme Fulton

Awesome thanks for putting it together, I'm exploring Greensock and different options for SVG Animation too!

coffeecraftcode profile image
Christina Gorton

No problem. Let me know if there is anything you need help with while you continue to explore SVG animation :)