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KittyCoin Reboot
KittyCoin Reboot

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KittyCoin Reboot?

I bought a masternode in a coin called KittyCoin, for $26...the next week the Devs and other staff, that had dumped almost all the coins, disappeared and ran off to Siberia, or the Maldives, or the Carribean, or whatever....

They shut down the Discord, Telegram, Website, Twitter and so on. In other words completely erasing the coin from the net as best they could.

So, I started thinking, that thousands of folks with useless coins and Masternodes, and a completely abandoned coin with Masternodes working perfectly, and giving coins and so on...

Could it be rebooted? I asked if they would hold off de-listing, and the exchange if they would hold off and both agreed.

But they said we would need a new ANN on the forum, a Telegram and Discord and Twitter, and a rebuilt website.

So I put up a twitter ( and bought the domain and Joined Discord and opened a server that is KittyCoin Rebooted, and now I'm hoping someone with experience in Developing would look over the wallet, and maybe work on making a basic webpage, and maybe finding someone who is good at promoting, and help me reboot this coin...I bet if we could get the users together who own a bunch, they'd be willing to contribute, and if we could even get the coin to a dime you could make some decent money, especially since this sucker requires 20k for a
So, am crazy? Or CAN this be done? And is there a way to help folks, make it live again, AND make some bank?

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