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re: Private - Projects that should not bring profit in the first sense, just for fun or out of interest. Not meant for others to maintain the code Job...

That's a great question, it will definitely depend on whether there is a team working on the project or not. When I work privately, I tend to experiment more and follow the least path of resistance. This will mean that I am okay with some sloppy code because nobody else will have to share the ownership.

When working in a job or a team, I will structure my code differently to make it easier to maintain and update. This means that if someone else is looking at my code, it's clearer to understand what is going on, it's documented, and even easy to delete. After I check in my code, it's no longer "my" code it becomes "our" code.

I added more information and detailed my preferred private stack here:


very very cool of you, thank you for detailed answer. Glad to hear that not everyone works "clean" private :-)

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