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How to know what level are you ? Beginner , Intermediate or Senior ! I know I'm not in Senior for sure but I'm confused if I'm a beginner or Intermediate.
I have built some landing pages , webapps , portals to manage data and have some experience in Mobile Apps . So i really wanna know what level am I right now ! It's a stupid question but I'm curious.


Just to add to this for Aakash and others, I wrote about job titles in the following post. The TLDR is that everyone has a role within an organisation and the job title reflects that. A senior with lots of responsibility in a small company may only be a junior with a few responsibilities at one of the big five.

Remember Aakash, it's about the journey, enjoy your time creating and learning and don't worry too much about which category you fit into.



Thank You for the advice ! Your every word is appreciated . I will continue my journey and do my best.


That’s a great question, not stupid at all.

I have an answer for you here:


Hey Cole, is this type of advising is something that you enjoy doing on a daily basis? I'm asking because I've started a project (GetAdvice) where other devs/entrepreneurs can volunteer to have free one-to-one consultancy sessions with others.

Let me know if you're interested and I could share the link with you.



What is a senior software engineer supposed to do? (Asked by Anonymous)

tl;dr - senior engineers become more autonomous, leveling up beyond technical ability.

More info:


Which ES6 Javascript design pattern do you prefer for a small-medium sized project :

1 Private
2 Job


Hey Nokol, that is a great question. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "Private" and "Job"? Are you asking more about how I would organize the code, or how to build it on a team?


Private - Projects that should not bring profit in the first sense, just for fun or out of interest. Not meant for others to maintain the code

Job - Working together with other developers.

I'm interested how you would organize the code, maybe you have good github repo links.
Thanks you! :)

That's a great question, it will definitely depend on whether there is a team working on the project or not. When I work privately, I tend to experiment more and follow the least path of resistance. This will mean that I am okay with some sloppy code because nobody else will have to share the ownership.

When working in a job or a team, I will structure my code differently to make it easier to maintain and update. This means that if someone else is looking at my code, it's clearer to understand what is going on, it's documented, and even easy to delete. After I check in my code, it's no longer "my" code it becomes "our" code.

I added more information and detailed my preferred private stack here:


very very cool of you, thank you for detailed answer. Glad to hear that not everyone works "clean" private :-)


What Programming language we should learn in Full Stack Development? for Frontend and backend. Because every company have a different requirement.


If I want to do full-stack development, which language should I learn in 2020? (Asked by Sandesh)

tl;dr: if you know JavaScript, go for Node, or something else. They're all valid options.

More info:


Do I need to shift from java to kotlin for android, bcoz I see Google is really pushing to get kotlin into the market than java.
Thanks in advance.


That’s a tough question. I’m not well versed in that space but I do hear that Kotlin is nice to work with. If Google is pushing it, and they are also in charge of Android, that might be a compelling reason.

How do you feel about trying it? It doesn’t hurt to experiment.