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I also attended a coding bootcamp and was surprised how transferable my econ skills/knowledge were. In terms of being able to think of a "system" and see the different parts and how they interact with each other and also influence the outcome.

So cool you said cooking skills. What made your cooking skills transferable?


I would say using skills to solve problems and testing solutions transferred over. I found myself constantly testing things like, how much salt to add to a recipe or if I can incorporate basil to bring out x flavor. In coding, I test out different ways to make functions in javascript and finding new ways to filter to increase productivity. And cooking always had me looking at the end product of a dish(or my application I am working on) and finding out what methods or ingredients(algorithms and datatypes) work best and still get the same end result. Unfortunately with cooking, I can't just "git revert" to my previous measurement lol. But the creativity I learned from cooking has really helped me out as well!

What were some of the skills you found transferable in your previous econ background? I always find it interesting to find the correlation between different industries!


Haha that would be great “ooo too much salt let me git revert that” 😂

That is super cool though. It sounds similar to how my econ degree/thinking transferred. Thinking of a system input and outputs. How can I change the inputs to get the desired output or how could I use different inputs to get the same output. How the inputs interact with each other.

Systems thinking is what I would consider it. But also aside from any skill transfer I believe you need to have a general interest “how things work”. Sounds like you do!

Congratulations again!!!

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