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re: I am not really a fan of SCRUM so much (stribny.name/blog/2018/05/why-scru...), so I wanted to ask you - why did you switch to it in the first plac...

The change from us came from the developers on the team. We had used Scrum in previous companies and saw the advantages it brought. Before adopting scrum we found it difficult to triage late changes to a project. There was friction with gathering specific requirements. Progress on a project was difficult to track. For these reasons, we decided to adopt Scrum.

The main goal we had was to improve communication with stakeholders specifically around the gathering of requirements.

Another aim was to provide better estimations. We have external dependencies around our releases so accurate estimations are important to us.

I very much believe you get what you put into scrum. I agree that you need to have team members buy into the process for it to succeed. You need to follow the ceremonies and adapt them to your own team.

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