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Discussion on: My Biggest Mistake When I Started Earning Six figures

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Colum Ferry

This is life advice beyond that of just a developer earning a lot of money and should be preached more.

If you're earning 25k/year and are surviving somewhat month to month and find yourself in a new job earning a lot more, yes, grant yourself some enjoyment with the increase in earnings, but also remember that you were surviving on the lower salary and therefore the increase is money that you can use to save and invest, without impacting your current financial situation.

I made similar jumps in pay in the past year, the first helped me to start getting debt on track, and the second is being used to, mostly, save and invest. I've never felt as financially secure in my life and it's a wonderful feeling, not worrying about the next paycheck.

It really allows you to focus on your family, job and daily life more.

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Niall Maher Author

Absolutely, totally agree! I wish I knew a little more than money before I got it so fast...