re: I just published my first npm package. It's a dates-generator for javascript. VIEW POST


When it comes to dates and time I let othee libraries take care of the logic, because it's complicated. Leap years, leap seconds, time zones, daylight savings, territorial differences , etc.

I'm assuming that as you're using Date() it should be fine.

What I have seen though, is that in your code you have a for loop that has a LOT of inner loops. I think it's two levels of nesting. I was checking too see if it was three levels, but I think it's only two.

Might be worth noting that this could lead to performance issues if there's a lot of calendar dates to process.


yup, It might encounter performance issue, especially when you try to render a lot of calendar at one time. I am already looking into optimising the performance for this library. For now it should solve most of the cases where calendar is not required frequently in their app or web.

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