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Hi Tom, I'm an engineer and interviewer at Triplebyte. Your viewpoint matches the two layers of what we do quite well: first our team does a single centralized technical interview, and afterwards each of the companies we match someone to do their own final onsite interview. As we've already pre-screened the applicants for technical fit, the company onsites can be shorter, less technical, and can focus on evaluating whether the person would really be a good fit overall at that particular company.

This "good fit" does vary a lot from company to company: we found that 100+ different companies agreed on which engineering applicants were best about as often as different Netflix users agreed on which movies were best — that's not very often! See our post: triplebyte.com/blog/triplebyte-eng...


Hi Mike, that's really interesting. Thanks for replying and thanks for the link! What you do at Triplebyte is pretty exciting, and generates a lot of super interesting data. Please keep sharing your insights :-)

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