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Discussion on: Angular - Translate Enums (i18n)

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Piotr Lewandowski Author • Edited on

Right, it might cause duplication in ICU approach. I'd go with first solution then.

  selector: 'todo-state-i18n',
  template: `
  <ng-container [ngSwitch]="key">
    <span i18n *ngSwitchCase="todoState.TODO" title="not started" i18n-title>not started</ng-container>
    <span i18n *ngSwitchCase="todoState.IN_PROGRESS" title="started" i18n-title>started</ng-container>
    <span i18n *ngSwitchCase="todoState.DONE" title="finished" i18n-title>finished</ng-container>
    <span i18n *ngSwitchDefault title="not defined" i18n-title>not defined</ng-container>
export class TodoStateI18n {

  // enum has to be accessed through class field
  todoState = TodoState;

  key: TodoState;
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  • Elements cannot be <ng-container> anymore with title attribute. I went with <span>
  • You have to add i18n-title to translate attribute

Ivy update

If you use Ivy (and the best Angular 11.2+), there is new package @angular/localize, that can translate strings in TypeScript.

So you could have re-usable function for providing messages:

getStateMessage(state: TodoState) {
  switch(state) {
    case TodoState.TODO:
      return $localize`not started`;
    case TodoState.IN_PROGRES:
      return $localize`started`;
    case TodoState.DONE:
      return $localize`finished`;
      return $localize`unknown`;

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Wow, thanks for the really quick reply!

I thought that the first approach is not suitable for const enum, and since our company prefers using const enums I would rather not change that. Do you know any other way? If not, I will use the first approach anyway.

We don't use Ivy unfortunately.

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Piotr Lewandowski Author • Edited on

Yep, it has to be regular enum.

I also maintain practice to keep const enum, but they do not fit in every use case. Overhead is slightly bigger but not crazy

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Ok I will change it to a regular enum. Thank you for your help!