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re: How do you organize your knowledge? VIEW POST

re: I use Nuclino. I've tried to offload as much of my brain's responsibilities as possible. For a computer analogy, the human brain is a great proces...

This is mind-mapping and this is awesome :)

Very usefull for:

  • TODO list
  • code security check-list
  • meeting
  • synthetize subject (before writting a book/powerpoint presentation, etc)
  • organizing your learning plan
  • decision (one idea per branch, comments becomes very readable)
  • plan a travel (one branch per place and you add subbranchs for hostel, transport, things to see)
  • plan everything: recently used for an advanced travel-bag check-list

I use Freeplan (offline linux desktop software).
(As developper check your solution can export your map as JSON or XML file)

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