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I use Nuclino.

I've tried to offload as much of my brain's responsibilities as possible. For a computer analogy, the human brain is a great processor, but absolute shit everything else.

Todoist is my process manager (What do I work on when)
Nuclino is my hard drive (Remembering Things)
Whatever white-board/scratchpad I have handy is my RAM (In case I'm working with more than 5-7 things)


Nuclino looks slick. Definitely checking it out.


Nuclino looks quite impressive, clean and slick. For sure, trying out.


Wow, Nuclino is so great! I just made an account. How do you organize what you learned on it - what kind of "clusters" are you creating to help with this? I think that's my biggest challenge.


Oh boy, well it's an evolving process...

I have workspaces Work and School. I have one for the entire sum of my software engineering knowledge. Reading List/Notes on books I've read is one (I have a super old blog post on this )

Journal is a workspace.... Contacts (I actually refer to it as Dossiers)... It can be anything. That's what makes it great, it's so flexible.


Thanks for the suggestions! I will surely check these out.


This is mind-mapping and this is awesome :)

Very usefull for:

  • TODO list
  • code security check-list
  • meeting
  • synthetize subject (before writting a book/powerpoint presentation, etc)
  • organizing your learning plan
  • decision (one idea per branch, comments becomes very readable)
  • plan a travel (one branch per place and you add subbranchs for hostel, transport, things to see)
  • plan everything: recently used for an advanced travel-bag check-list

I use Freeplan (offline linux desktop software).
(As developper check your solution can export your map as JSON or XML file)

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