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I use Nuclino.

I've tried to offload as much of my brain's responsibilities as possible. For a computer analogy, the human brain is a great processor, but absolute shit everything else.

Todoist is my process manager (What do I work on when)
Nuclino is my hard drive (Remembering Things)
Whatever white-board/scratchpad I have handy is my RAM (In case I'm working with more than 5-7 things)

This is mind-mapping and this is awesome :)

Very usefull for:

  • TODO list
  • code security check-list
  • meeting
  • synthetize subject (before writting a book/powerpoint presentation, etc)
  • organizing your learning plan
  • decision (one idea per branch, comments becomes very readable)
  • plan a travel (one branch per place and you add subbranchs for hostel, transport, things to see)
  • plan everything: recently used for an advanced travel-bag check-list

I use Freeplan (offline linux desktop software).
(As developper check your solution can export your map as JSON or XML file)

Wow, Nuclino is so great! I just made an account. How do you organize what you learned on it - what kind of "clusters" are you creating to help with this? I think that's my biggest challenge.

Oh boy, well it's an evolving process...

I have workspaces Work and School. I have one for the entire sum of my software engineering knowledge. Reading List/Notes on books I've read is one (I have a super old blog post on this )

Journal is a workspace.... Contacts (I actually refer to it as Dossiers)... It can be anything. That's what makes it great, it's so flexible.

Nuclino looks quite impressive, clean and slick. For sure, trying out.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will surely check these out.

Nuclino looks slick. Definitely checking it out.

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