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I try to don't thing about the benefits - I force myself to do this habit like I had no choice.

  • I allocate a specific time in the day. I start always with less than 6 minute because if you spend too much time you will find it too hard or to timekeeping. Kaizen say "start with a small step". Specific time with an alarm is the best way to not forget.
  • One most important step to build habit is to do it every day. I use a calendar and mark a sign every day I success. You can use an app (I only know Loop for Android). It helps me to stay motived when I saw a discontinued line of sign.
  • I do a restrospective every week to see my achievement and find blocking problems (why I failed this day). Allocate time to feedback is a good way to congratulate yourself and find solution to improve your experience.
  • Two years ago I offered myself a Lego box for every "big achievement".
  • Some people write something every time (very usefull for sports) to log their progression.

Hope it could help someone :)


I agree with the whole "specific time, every day + alarm" thing, it's what works best for me... until I start postponing because it's not the right moment.

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