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re: OOP practice with a standard project in PHP. VIEW POST


Hi Kabir,

I stopped PHP so I can only recommand:
(Chapter 3 talks about standard coding.)

Best way to learn OOP is, in my way, to look at project source, maybe Laravel is a good start. And you can learn about DesignPattern with Github/Gist exemples (like this one:


That was my first thought as well, studying/working with Laravel. The way you work with it enforces good OOP practices, and the Laravel codebase itself has really good, clean OOP code under-the-hood, and so can help you understand good practices.


Thanks for your comment. I am working on laravel without using OOP sense. Is there any resource to understand the laravel core easily ?

None that I'm aware of. I've just found myself frequently digging into the source to understand it better as I worked with it

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