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Hi Eurvin, and welcome.
It's difficult (for me) to define a "difficult" project, because difficulty comes mainly from dealing with the customer 😀

Here is how I structured my webdev learning:

  • understand basic HTTP concepts and write HTML5 code
  • build animation with JS, style with CSS3
  • start backend with PHP or Node
  • framework for JS and CSS (and Ecmascript6)
  • (Use a PHP framwork or build module/plugin for existing CMS like Drupal, ...)
  • add API and use it for frontend (Rest or GraphQL)
  • interaction with other site (like authentification with google account - include GoogleMaps is not enough) or service (Slack)
  • PWA - Service workers
  • Refactor all to build something secure (see OWASP project) and fast (loadtesting). See accessibily concerns and basics UX concepts.

If you want a great portfolio you need to build something usefull for a customer, something he needs: a twitter-like is less usefull than an employee presence planning. My projects are essentially "something new to fill a need", so website for association, web map for complex building (like airport, or hospital) to help people with difficulties. I think your futur employer should find your hability to resolve a problem, your innovation, before looking at the technology stack. (But this is a very personnal advice)


Thanks Jeff!

Haha, a customer can indeed be hard to deal with.

This was exactly the kind of input I was looking for. And your comments about building something useful for a future client or employer are spot on!

I can safely tick off the first 4. And am currently working on the 5th as I am looking into improving on Ghost.

I will keep this list in mind! Thanks a lot.

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