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Oh that's a great subject. I've seen situations where it could make for a much more user friendly experience. Thanks for writing and inspiring me to revisit this option!

I just did some research to see what the current options are when using .Net.

SignalR seems to be a great tool to start with bi-directional communication. It requires a jQuery plugin to get things working. The advantage is that it provides 'fallbacks' for browsers that do not support websockets.

But with websockets adoption improving, a jQuery plugin might be more than your really need. I would rather use a a library that just relies on websockets.


I've found SignalR to be cumbersome and complicated or may be its just me.


I have tried to create a 'Spike' project several years ago and I arrived at the same conclusion, it felt like more than I bargained for.

But it might be worth another try. Perhaps somebody could suggest a lightweight alternative for .Net?

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