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Discussion on: Ask Dev: How do you learn new things and keep up with the trends in development.

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Bob van Hoove • Edited on

I don't really care about trends but I like to keep learning, just following my interests. So here's another 3 paragraphs starting with 'I':

I use YouTube to watch conference talks. I don't really need to subscribe to channels, after watching talks aplenty the recommendation engine caught up with my interests.

I recently got a Pluralsight subscription and started learning some F#. That may be considered trendy. The thing that got me interested was seeing some talks by Scott Wlaschin who is also known for F# for fun and profit.

I used to follow a lot of blogs using the good old google reader. The morning brew was one of my favorites, it offered a daily digest of interesting stuff mostly in the .Net realm. For a while twitter seemed like a good enough replacement, following the same people I used to follow with google reader. But lately I see more and more opinionated stuff I don't really care for. So I went back to RSS using Inoreader starting from an empty list. Recent additions I'm enthused about include Programming is terrible and The Digital Antiquarian.