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It's not just all-male panels that have the "unconfident women" trope. I remember one candidate who was shy but she really came out of her shell in the (all-male) technical interview. She loved talking about what she could do rather than taking about herself. In the "culture interview", the women said she lacked confidence. I disagreed and fought for her to get on the team. I'm glad to say she proved me right. She was a very strong technical member, and had a talent for fixing bugs that others couldn't. As a team, we helped her to build her confidence with the non-technical staff.

I do remember a survey from one of our recruitment agencies that came out shortly after she started, specifically about women in tech, and asked men and women about toxic environments. None of the men thought they'd ever worked in one, all the women had, but were happy to report their current job wasn't one. I hope we had enough safety in the team that they were honest about that.

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