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Discussion on: The kind of job application process that makes me angry

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Michael Crenshaw Author

The qualifiers you want are the ones I don't want. Good or bad? Who's to say?

I am, for the reasons above.

To infer they are sexist or racist because they don't meet your preferred combo of qualifiers? 🚩 That doesn't sound right.

Why not?

Company doesn't call you back? Great! Mentally free

But the time/energy is gone, and this could be discouraging for some applicants.

Called to tell me I didn't get the job? 😠 What an insult, I'd rather no followup unless its a job offer.

Fair enough! That's a preference I hadn't accounted for. Maybe it's more common than I'd assume at first glance.

You give them something that makes it hard for them to say no.

The examples you give are impressive, and I applaud you! Not everyone can make that kind of commitment during a job hunt.

Don't have the time or are you not making the time? Did you have time to watch GoT Season 8 Episode 3? Did you find time to read about or watch Marvel's Avengers End Game? There is your time.

To say "find the time" assumes the job hunter is doing an inadequate job of balancing their needs. I think that's dangerously presumptuous. (Though, to be fair, probably at least sometimes accurate.)

Your job hunting style is one I hadn't considered heavily. I've used the "shotgun approach," based on the assumption that I'd receive many rejections and no-responses (which I did).

Someone like you with more experience quite possibly should adopt a slower, more methodical approach. I still think the flippant tone of the application is a problem, but the actual process less so, given applicants with your level of experience.